Why Are You Waiting to Truly SHINE?

Be honest…

Are you truly shining as the brightest light you can possibly be in the world?


  • Are you hiding your brilliance for fear someone might say “who does she/he thing they are?”
  • Are you afraid to be totally authentic and unapologetic about who you are and what you believe in?
  • Are you dimming your light so that others won’t feel uncomfortable or insecure about themselves? 

When you REALLY know and BELIEVE that there is NO one like you and that it’s your birthright to SHINE, you will turn on your light, crank up the volume and be your most luminous self — no matter what! 

AND… you won’t feel the need to compete with anyone because you know the mold was broken when you were created so there is NO SUCH THING as competition.


It’s time to stop comparing and competing as entrepreneurs and business owners. When you truly believe that you are one-of-a-kind, you won’t waste another precious second of your life looking to the left or right comparing who you are and what you do with another person. When you finally, and deeply understand you are divinely and uniquely created, you will stop competing with other business owners, step into your full greatness and rock the Brand of You without hesitation, permission, approval, or regret.


If you are NOT ready to stand toe to toe with your fears and tell them to take their best shot, you might as well pack up, put the closed sign on the door and shut down your business. Being your own boss and running a successful, thriving business is for the fearless, the brave and the bold and more times than you’ll ever be able to count, you will have to be all three.  Hell yeah, you’re going to have fears, but you better be ready to suit up and face the Goliaths in your life, and I suggest you get out your slingshot and start today, right now.

Every single one of the “great leaders” that we admire stand in their space of greatness, success and prosperity because they conquered their fear giants and refused to allow fear to keep them small, stuck and unfulfilled in life. We admire them for their tenacity, perseverance, and relentlessness in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. Well, guess what? YOU have that same tenacity, perseverance and relentlessness inside of you, and it’s time you say “YES” to being the fearless leader and champion of your business and brand.

Opportunities to increase your impact, influence and income are all around you, and when they knock on your door, you don’t have time to hem and haw around or let the fear of “what if it doesn’t work out” consume your consciousness and paralyze you. Your only choice is to be fearless, brave and bold, to say YES, commit to having what you desire, and then do your part to make it happen. If you are feeling like the opportunities are not knocking on your door, then it’s time for you to create your own opportunities.

Whether the opportunities show up at your door or you create your own, there is one act you will have to execute consistently and courageously, and that is RISK. To truly become a highly visible, stand out brand and successful business owner, you will have to take as many risks as possible and sometimes several within one day. Billionaires past and present know the importance of taking risks, and it is within every risk they experienced undeniable and maybe even terrifying fear. Roman Playwright, Terance said it bestfortune favors the bold.” Even second century great leaders knew that success was a sum of risks executed over time. Later this phrase was made more famous by Virgil, an ancient Roman poet. If fortune favors the bold, what are you willing to be bold about in order to make an impact, make a difference and make more money? 

If it’s true that  fortune favors the bold, and I believe it is, in what areas of your life and business do you need to exercise more boldness? If you stop and research the stories of three of your favorite leaders or brands who are cashing in on their brilliance, you’ll discover that on their journey towards success they were bold, brave, and fearless and took many risks.

  • What do you know you need to do or want to do deep in your soul that you’ve been holding back or playing it safe?
  • What if you took the leap and did those things you’d benefit greatly?
  • Under what circumstances do you need to exert more bravery and fearlessness to fully step into your complete divine greatness?

Whatever kind of fortune you desire and seek, whether it is money, recognition, promotion, influence or impact, it is also seeking you and waiting for you to say YES to receiving it by taking risks to step boldly and confidently out of your comfort zone.

So maybe you are not as fearless, bold and brave as you’d like to be, and maybe you know it’s time to step towards the edge, leap and take bigger risks. I can promise you that if you do you’ll be filled with anticipation, thrill, anxiety, wonder, curiosity and excitement all at once. That famous phrase “it hurts so good” … is real and yeah, that’s what it feels like! That’s how you know for sure that you are taking risks to be bolder, more expressive, and totally stretching outside of your comfort zone.

Aren’t you ready for some adventure, exhilaration, and the feeling of “oh my goodness what did I just do—but I know I needed to do it” moments in your life and business? So here’s the deal. If you REALLY want to be wildly successful, stand out in the crowd, become one of the great thought leaders of our time, make a bold statement, bring in more cash and create wealth and or become top-shelf, and an in-demand legendary brand, you MUST move beyond a decision (passive behavior) and choose (active behavior) to risk what you fear to lose to gain everything you desire.

“If you are NOT ready to stand toe-to-toe with your fears and tell them to take their best shot, you might as well pack up, put the closed sign on the door and shut down your business.” So…are you ready to close up shop or trade in your small “open for business” door sign for a colorful, luminous, scrolling billboard with flashing lights that says “Hell yeah I am an expert, I am the BEST at what I do, and when you choose me, you are going to have an enchanting, transformational experience and get the results I promise!”

– Now that’s bold! It’s not risky to promise results; it’s required if you want to be the number one brand in your industry. — 

Yeah … putting up that outrageous scrolling billboard is going to scare you and it may even intimidate you, but if you don’t do it, someone else in your industry will and then you will wish you had. Well… enough chitter-chatter about what you need to do let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about how you need to be fearless, be bold and be brave!

“You MUST choose to risk what you fear to lose to GAIN everything you desire.”

The first step to take right now is to clearly and honestly identify what is it you fear to lose by taking big risks in your business. If you don’t step up, what will you lose? If you don’t bring in enough money, what will you lose? If your business “fails,” what will you lose? If you give up now and wave the white flag, what will you lose? If you become ridiculously successful quickly, what do you think you will lose? On a personal level, if you fail, what will you lose? On a professional level, if you succeed, what will you lose? Loss is the real reason we fail to take risks. Our minds are just programmed to go straight to the thought “uh oh, I’m about to lose something,” when we begin thinking about taking risks. That’s exactly what the ego is designed to do, to keep us safe from harm or danger.

While the ego is designed to protect us, its powerful voice can also paralyze our progress by causing us to believe we have no power over its push and pull in the psychological game of winning.  The good news is that you can WIN! The ego is simply an innate defense mechanism, and when the defense in any game turns up heat, you combat it with strategic offense. That means you can’t keep running the same old plays. You’ve got to craft and create power plays to score big and win.

Here’s some questions to ask yourself to help you leap outside of your comfort zone!      


  1. Within your biggest, boldest, clear and vivid vision for your life and business what do you really want? If you could have it all tomorrow what would it be? 
  2. What do you want or need to gain in your life and or business? 
  3. What are you willing to lose {sacrifice, release or let go of} to get what you want in your life and or business? 

What did you discover? What and how much are you willing to lose in order to gain what you really want? There is a price to pay in order to go to the next level, and to become an unapologetic, undeniable, unstoppable, top-shelf, in-demand, and legendary brand! It’s time for you to get what you want, need and deserve. Are you ready? Let’s get started, it’s time to build your billboard because your fortune awaits!

Billboard Brand Tip: Want more clients, exposure, opportunities and money? Boldly unleash your courage to be highly seen or shrink in fear and you’ll remain invisible. — #Catriceology



The Billboard Brand Book - Catrice Jackson

The Billboard Brand ★​– BE Unapologetic — BE Undeniable — BE Bankable — BE Legendary –★ as the Brand of YOU!

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Here’s a sneak peek inside the book… The Billboard Brand: How to BE An Undeniable, Bankable, In Demand, Legendary Brand

This book is a wake-up call and a do it differently declaration for every aspiring business owner, budding entrepreneur, established business owner and professional who has had enough of all the “rules” about how you “should” do business and desires to be free to do it their own way unapologetically. I wrote this book to inspire you to stop the business success self-abuse. My message is intended to wake you up from the unconscious ways you slowly kill your spirit through comparison, competition, self-doubt, striving for perfection, altering who you are, dishonoring your value, dimming your light and tuning out your wise, intuitive voice.

This book has one clear intention: to empower you to load up your slingshot and prepare to take down your biggest barrier to business and branding success, your Goliath…YOU. If you really want recognition, visibility, increased credibility, and more clients and income, the only person preventing you from having all of the above is you. You can have all of this and more when you say “yes” to being a Billboard Brand and “no” to being an invisible, best-kept secret brand in the marketplace.

I want you to break the rules, create your own rules, smash the box, shatter the ceiling and kick down the walls that keep you from owning and shining in your expert status and taking your place on the infamous billboards in Times Square! Your business is your empire: it’s time you operate it, leverage it and profit from it like a BOSS! Your business is your purpose: stop diluting it with procrastination and people pleasing. Your business is your mission: stop operating it like a hobby and move the mountains to create a movement and make a difference in the world. I simply want you to stop the self-imposed madness that makes you tired, overwhelmed and frustrated!

It’s time. Tomorrow is not promised. The time to implement, take action and execute is today. Are you ready to stop talking about it (success on your own terms) and be about it (create it)! Let’s go!  It’s time for YOU to become to an unapologetic, undeniable, unstoppable, top-shelf, in-demand, and legendary Billboard Brand!

 10 Bankable Benefits of Becoming a Billboard Brand  

  1. You stop self-abusing and start celebrating who you are.
  2. You compete with no one and win every time.
  3. You copy-cat proof your purpose and profit from it.
  4. You establish a like-know-trust that makes you stand out as an obvious choice.
  5. The client’s you CRAVE chase you and say “yes!”
  6. Your expert status is undeniably evident and potential clients instantly know it.
  7. Your business thrives no matter what the economy is like.
  8. What you offer has a higher perceived value allowing you to charge what you want.
  9. Your brand works to bring the right clients to your door while you sleep.
  10. Other big brands invite you to partner, play and profit.

10 Reasons This Book Is “Right” for You Right Now  

  • You are ready to start maximizing your greatness by slaying the Goliath’s in your life.
  • You want to clearly understand branding and create a powerful, profitable brand.
  • You want to become the brand of choice in your industry and the marketplace.
  • You want the “right” clients to see, hear, love, hire and refer you.
  • You want to learn how to effectively market and promote your products and services.
  • You’re ready to stand out on purpose, serve more people and make a difference.
  • You’re ready to be known as the go-to-expert within your industry.
  • You want to fully step into your greatness and claim your success spotlight.
  • You want to learn how to monetize your message and get high paying clients.
  • You want to be an undeniable, top-shelf, in-demand, legendary brand.

Each chapter commands you to view branding from a different perspective and beckons you to BE the brand: a brand that people will buy into, invest in, love, and rave about. While this book was written for you, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not about you. My real purpose for this book is to provide you with a more effective and efficient vehicle to help you get your message out, champion your cause, and pioneer your purpose. That vehicle is your brand, and it’s going to take a Billboard Brand to accomplish those intentions. We’ve all been divinely blessed with gifts, talents and skills and God intends for us to courageously use them to heal the world, transform lives, set people free and help others experience peace, joy, love and freedom. If we don’t honor our value, showcase our expertise and make a difference in the world, we have not fulfilled our true purpose for being here.

You are no different than the big celebrity brands, and you have what it takes to be just as phenomenal and impact millions like they do. In order to accomplish that, you’ll have to be brave, do business differently, ignite your inner innovation, and leap outside of your comfort zone. Throughout the book, I share parts of my personal story, my own branding success strategies, examples of how brands become Billboard Brands, and tips to help you become undeniable, a top-shelf, in-demand, bankable brand. This is a take action book, so be prepared to bravely brand your way, have fun, take risks and do the work to build your billboard from the brand up! Let’s get started. Let’s break some rules to take your brand to the bank! 


“When people can’t handle your light, it’s because they haven’t yet discovered their own, and you are a reminder of that; don’t take it personal, and don’t shrink or hide. Either they will choose to shine or grab a pair of shades.” — Catrice M. Jackson


AUTHOR - Catrice Jackson

Catrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing!


  • Suzanne Stavert

    Love this! If we don’t honor our value, showcase our expertise and make a difference in the world, we have not fulfilled our true purpose for being here.

  • Kristin Winet

    Catrice, I ADORE you. You are infectious and positive and just lovely….I could use a little bit more of you in my life! Thanks for the amazing confidence-boost I needed this morning. XOXO