How Valuable is Your Brand?

Do you know how much value potential clients

perceive your brand to have? 

Would You Like To Raise the Value of Your Brand ?  

The top three features that potential clients look for most when choosing a brand are: 1} TRUST, 2} CREDIBILITY AND 3} VALUE. They want and need to trust that your product, program or service will DO what you say it will do, they want you to stand on and back up your brand’s PROMISE and they want to know that they are getting their money’s worth. They want to get the results and outcomes they desire and know they’ve made a sound, logical and beneficial choice in choosing YOU.

Are You Clearly, Consistently and Confidently Communicating

the Value of Your Brand?  

NOT sure? — The answers will show up in four major spaces.

Ready to discover how much value you are communicating as the brand of YOU?

4 Ways You Can Measure the Value of Your Brand…

1}. YOUR MINDSET: If you are doubting yourself, feeling un-inspired, feeling like you are not good enough and or that potential clients don’t SEE your value… that’s exactly what you are communicating through your brand-marketing messages.

2}. YOUR BODY: If you are frequently tired, sick, stressed out, worried, tense and or in pain… You can’t be vibrating your message with a positive and high frequency.

3}. YOUR BANK ACCOUNT: If it’s empty, running on fumes, low and or you are NOT getting new clients and making money… you haven’t figured out how to maximize, leverage and monetize your brand and brand-marketing message.

4}. YOUR SOCIAL IMPACT: If you feel like your marketing is not generating new clients, no one or very few people are responding to or engaging in your social media posts and or you are NOT getting, LIKES, comments, referrals, shares, re-tweets, recognition or opportunities from your social media marketing… you have NOT mastered your authentic, visible, credible, profit-producing message yet.

So How Do You Fix Your Brand and Raise the Value? 

1}. Go back to the basics and beyond your logo. Clearly define who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, what you value, what you offer and specifically who you offer it to.

2}. Raise the value you have for yourself. If you don’t think you or your products are valuable, transformational and the — potential clients won’t either. Stop doubting yourself; you are an original so show up like one of a kind.

3}. Put you and your health first. Get out from behind your computer and take care of your mind, body and spirit. Eat healthy, exercise, rest, pray, meditate, go get a massage, get out of the house and do what you need to do to refresh your mind, revive your spirit and revitalize your body.

4}. Make sure you did the work in tip #1 — Once you are clear create marketing messages that communicate your CLEAR answers, showcase the benefits of working with you and make sure you are communicating the transformation, outcomes and results only YOU can provide. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE IN YOUR SERVICES 1000%!

5}. Show up like an EXPERT! — Potential clients don’t want to and will NOT hire the 2nd best; they want the BEST OF THE BEST. Stop minimizing your brilliance, own your expert status and show up vibrant, confident and courageous in the marketplace.

You see no matter what you do or how you show up…someone is not going to like it. But I’m here to tell you that if you SHOW UP 100% authentic and real… there will be tons of people who love it! Those are your ideal clients. Those are the people you should focus on. Those are the people who will instantly see your value, love your brand, trust what you offer, sign up and pay you!

Try these tips out for yourself for the next 30 days and watch and see what happens. Take action and implement them now and FEEL a difference in your mind, body and spirit. Do it now and be clear, confident and consistent and you’ll see an INCREASE in your bank account! 

—You are enough! You matter. You are qualified. You are an expert… believe that and show up like you do! —

“Need help clarifying, crystallizing and communicating the BRAND OF YOU? I can help you with your brand evolution and your money-making marketing message. –If you need help and are ready to BE VISIBLE, CREDIBLE AND PROFITABLE schedule a brand-breakthrough session with me today.”

“The money is in your message. If your message OFF, not speaking to the right clients, unclear, lacking transformation and value and or doesn’t move the listener — you won’t get their attention, call them into action or secure them as a client. — I’d love to help you master, maximize and monetize your message.” — #Catriceology 


AUTHOR - Catrice Jackson

Catrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing!

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