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When You Show Up As the Brand of YOU… Do It 3D Style!

Blah, blah, blah! Aren’t you tired of the same ole, repetitive, uninteresting brand-marketing messages muddling up the marketplace?

It seems as if a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs have gotten drunk on what I call the “I’m not original Kool-Aid.”  There’s so much marketing hype and slick sales tactics being thrown all over the place and much of it is so unoriginal and unmoving. Are you contributing to the muddling madness?

Clients, customers and consumers are tired of that junk too and they’ve become numb to the numerous “like everyone else” brand marketers in our industry. I don’t think many business owners realize they are putting potential clients to sleep with the same ole snoozing sales tactics. Your brand is either a tranquilizer or a stimulant. When you show up in the marketplace as the brand of you, your goal and intention should be to shake up and wake up those wandering clients and customers and draw them into you with a sensational, mind-blowing experience.

The only way you can create these types of experiences is for you to unleash the unapologetic, uncensored, authentic you (I call this defying the to-do-list dogma) and give people something they can feel down deep in their bones: a soul-titillating, 3-D brand experience of you! I’m talking about moments when you fully embody your brand in a way that allows potential clients to profoundly see, hear, know, love, trust and crave you! I’m talking about moments where clients know it’s time to pull out their 3-D glasses so they won’t miss an ounce of who you are and what you have to offer.

I want you to imagine every time you stand on the platform, speak on the radio, post on social media and or show up in person that potential clients instantly in their gut, realize you are the 3-D real deal! If you want to be highly visible, credible and profitable you’ve got to stop being like everyone else and say hell yeah to being YOU with no filters. It’s time out for copy-cating, duplicating, and imitating. It’s time for you to originate and authenticate as the brand of you.

You’ve got to BE a brand that is fearless enough to be unapologetic, audacious, luminous, undeniable, outrageous and disruptive. When you show up like this, you create what I call Authentic Disruption! It’s time. Today, I want you to tear up and shred the to-do-list dogma and break away from the blah-blah-blah brand-marketing tactics “they” say you should be using and start creating your own Authentic Disruption in the marketplace.

Get bold and be daring enough to make some waves by creating your own kind of 3-D brand experience. So what if it repels people. Remember, the more you can repel those who don’t like what your brand is all about, the faster you clear the path for potential clients to have a straight shot to your front door.

It’s time for you to drop some 3-D brand bombshells… KABOOM!

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AUTHOR - Catrice Jackson

Catrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing!

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