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Brand Development/Marketing

Master Message Mentor. Word Wizard. Linguistic Genius with the Gift Income Generating Gab.

Catrice helps business owners leverage and monetize their message by Turning Mediocre Marketing into Sensory Sales Succulence. She’s a voice visionary who masterfully creates sales and content copy to make your unmistakable mark in the marketplace for more connections, clients and cash.  Catrice is the Creator of the Catriceology Client CRAVE Formula uniquely designed to help business owners attract and secure clients that excite them and pay them.

Sales & Content Copywriting

Not Good With Words, Can’t Find the Right Words OR Need
The Magic Words to Communicate a Clear, Compelling and
Captivating Message?

If you are experiencing any of these challenges with your marketing…

Let Me Catriceologize™ Your Message!
  • No one is buying what you are selling and you’re not making enough money.
  • You’re not sure how to sell yourself or sell your products.
  • You don’t know the clear difference between marketing, advertising and promotion.
  • You’ve stopped marketing or barely market at all.
  • You’re having difficulty getting people to enroll into your programs.
  • You feel at a loss for the words or don’t have the right strategy to market yourself.
  • Your promotions are NOT helping you make a profit.
  • Your bio is not getting you booked to speak.

 If writing your copy is driving you crazy…

Don’t fuss over it, set yourself free and let me create exactly what you need to make your message magnetic, attract your ideal clients, and turn potential clients into paying clients and raving fans.

Don’t struggle with trying to communicate your message — let me help you create messages that are powerful, clear, compelling and captivating! If you need to SELL you, an idea, a program or product I got you covered.

I specialize in writing content, sales copy and marketing copy for website and print biographies, website and sales copy, product and program copy, book titles and headlines and taglines for products and programs. I can create your copy from scratch or edit and enhance your current copy.

 Here’s a few copy writing and copy editing services that I provide.

  • Web and Print Bio (one sheets and full bios)
  • Website Copy (up to 5 pages of web copy)
  • Sales Copy (sales page copy and social media marketing message)
  • Book Titles and Sub-Titles
  • Headlines & Taglines Product and Program Titles and Sales Copy

Contact me to schedule a strategy session and let’s get your magnetic, money making message in front of the clients who need you.

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Catrice is the author of four self-development and inspired business books and has been a co-author in five other books to include two international best-sellers. Since 2009 she has been featured in various online and print magazines and has contributed to several blogs as an expert in the areas of branding, marketing, client attraction and empowerment.


Catriceology Copywriting Services

Content and Sales Copy

Compelling, Captivating Content Clients Crave

I offer unique, quality Copy Writing services that captivate and create more connection, clients and cash! I’d love to be your message mentor and content creator and help you create content crave! We can co-create the content you need for your bio, products, services, programs, events and sales copy!

 Social Media Marketing Copy

Message Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Let me help you broadcast your message to build your ideal community, increase the buzz about your business, add va-voom to your visibility, boost your brand, increase and drive more traffic to your website. Let me take your secret sauce and turn it into to savory bits of social media sizzle that you can serve up on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platform. Perfect for new programs, campaigns and launches!

Biography & Media Kit

Irresistible Brand Bio {for print and web}

Is your bio boring and lacking luster? Let me transform your current bio into one that accurately, clearly and creatively speaks the soul of your business and showcases your brilliance and expertise to attract your ideal clients.

One Page OR Full Speaking Bio Transformation

1-2 page full bio including a 200,100 and 50 word mini bio.

Includes a 30 minute telephone/Skype consultation.

Includes 2 revisions before final copy is delivered (Word & Pdf copy).

No web formatting or graphic design included.

Titles, Headlines and Taglines

Signature Talks and Speech Titles

I can help you create Talk Titles that embody the brand of your business and beckons people to beg for more of you! Let’s work together to create your compelling message, craft rich content and develop an opening and closing that captivates your audience and showcases your expertise.

HOT Headlines That Turn Heads

Need headlines and taglines that showcase your brilliance, clearly communicate your message and increases opt ins and sign ups? I can help you zero in on a headline and tagline that’s sizzling HOT, hits your target audience bull’s eye and attracts your ideal clients.

Publications and Program Titles with Pizzazz

Working on a program, book or e-book and need a title that attracts and creates a clamoring call to action! I can help you extract the soul of your message to create a magnetic, memorable and monetizing title for the message you desire to share.


Results You Can Expect copywritingresults

Sample Bio Transformations

dion_johnsonNEW BIO

loreneBEFORE BIO 1    |    AFTER BIO 1

  |    AFTER BIO 2

Expert Writer, Blogger & Columnist

Diversity and Branding Expert Blogger for Pink Magazine and Featured Article in PINK Magazine on Diversity in the Workplace

Featured Columnist for the International Women’s Magazine Silke Endress, Law of Attraction Magazine and Women’s Edge Magazine

Featured Columnist for Empower Online Magazine, SisterSpeak Online Magazine, e-blackwoman Network, Soul Kisses TV, Always New You, Vivid Life Me, and She is Dallas.

Past Writer for Omaha Metro Magazine

Client Satisfaction

"I hired Catrice Jackson to write the sales copy for my recent first LIVE event because she understood the psychology of my target audience and the essence of my message. Catrice eloquently crafted a message that affluent (Evolved) clients could easily understand and respond to. She provided the perfect message for my event page, email marketing campaign and social media marketing and I was able to sell out my event and fill the room! It was truly and joy to work with her - she was fast, responsive, and truly amazing with words. Catrice is passionate about writing copy that gets you results and so you can attract your ideal clients and bring in cash! I look forward to working with her again in the near future."

Eva Chen, Brand From Within