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A brand breakthrough session is perfect for you if…

  • You are decisive and 100% ready to be seen, heard, loved and hired by the clients you CRAVE.
  • You are totally DONE with excuses and ready to execute to increase your impact and income.
  • You are committed to stretching way outside of your comfort zone to stop being the best kept secret in your industry.
  • You are ready to be in the spotlight and prepared to invest your time, resources and energy to be successful and make money.
  • You are 100% sure you need help taking your business and brand to the next level.
  • You are determined, ready to take action, prepared to commit to the coaching process and do your part to be more visible, credible and profitable.

Schedule your session today if you…

  • You’re ready to level up your brand for more power, presence and profit-producing performance.
  • Feel invisible in the marketplace, not getting clients or making enough money.
  • Your brand is lacking STAR-POWER, personality and client attraction.
  • You are attracting the WRONG kind of clients or want to attract a more affluent client.
  • Don’t know how to leverage your brand, market it and make the impact and income you want.

Catriceology branding may not benefit you if…

  • You believe being highly visible is scary or egotistical.
  • You over-think, are highly analytical or procrastinate on execution.
  • You struggle with completing tasks on time or need a lot time to process and let things resonate.
  • You tend to nit-pick the process or second guess yourself frequently.
  • You don’t like promoting, selling or marketing yourself and your services.

Catriceology BOSSLady Branding is most effective with clients who are tired of being unseen, unheard and not hired as experts within their niche industry and are 100% ready to step into the spotlight, shine, serve and make money. The clients that excel with my mentoring are those who easily say YES to their big why and don’t get caught up in “how” to do it” but instead take intuitive, determined action and execute to create the results they desire.
My unique brand-mentoring style and process works best with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who are determined, courageous, ready to stretch into their full greatness, and embody their brand with a play a BIG, visible and profitable presence.

–“You’ve got to be “all in” with your visibility to be irresistible in the marketplace. If you ARE ready to be ALL IN and are ready to ROCK the brand of YOU– there are two options for connecting with me.” –

Choose one of the options below if you are committed to investing in the success of your business and the bankability of your brand.


If any of the above is YOUR current situation let’s get started today to get you the results you desire! Simply select an option below:


Schedule a 45-minute Brand Breakthrough Session

THIS IS A TAKE ACTION NOT A TALK ONLY SESSION: This session requires a $97 investment fee to identify your business and branding challenge, receive ready-to-use brand breakthrough solutions, and walk away with 2-3 strategies you can implement right now to get results. After this session you will have clarity on the next steps, greater confidence in your brand and action steps to execute to get results.


Schedule Your Session


Schedule 30-Day Brand Mentoring Discovery Session

This complimentary 45-minute session is for entrepreneurs who are *serious* about learning more about the Create Your Irresistible Brand in 30 Days Program ONLY. This program is a personalized, intimate and intensive 30-day program where we discover, unleash, create and release your NEW brand. If this is what you need, please click the button below to complete form to schedule a discover session to see if my 30-day program is exactly what you need.


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