Catriceology Coaching and Mentoring

consulting6“Catrice’s living mantra on personal branding is Unleash IT – Flaunt IT and ProfIT from your Irresistible Trademark {IT}.”

Everyone has IT including you! Catrice coaches business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals on how to Confidently Unleash, Communicate and Cash In on Their Unique and Undeniable Personal Brand. Get REAL results with Catriceology Coaching and Mentoring designed to increase your visibility, credibility and bankability so you can become a top shelf in demand brand.

Brand-Marketing Mentor

Potential clients buy into the brand of you before they say yes to your products, programs and services. Your brand is your #1 business asset and when you invest in the brand of you — you don’t have to work hard to get clients and customers because your brand works 24/7 to bring them to you.

Let’s work together to RE-create, RE-vitalize or RE-position your brand in the marketplace so you can be more visible, credible and profitable.

The Catriceology Brand Experience helps you …

Clearly communicate your brand promise and your Point of Difference {POD} to stand out in the marketplace as a brand of choice.

Create highly attractive brand-marketing messages to bring more of the right clients and cash into your business.

Maximize, leverage and monetize your distinct blend of talents, skills and gifts so you can serve ore people and make more money.

Platform Speaking Coach

Catrice coaches people to create platform prosperity by empowering them to clarify their message, speak with irresistible confidence, build like-know-trustability with participants, broadcast their brand, captivate audiences, and authentically sell from the stage.

Brand Development and Brand Expansion

BRAND COACHING: 7 Ways WE Can Release and Rock the Brand of You!

Brand Development:  Develop your signature brand identity and money making marketing platform and message.
Brand Enhancement:  Clarify, revitalize and reposition your current brand for more sizzle, spice, sales and success.
Brand Inspiration:  Creatively refresh your brand, stand out and get noticed by the clients you crave.
Brand Marketing:  Create a strategic plan and strategy and “on brand” sensory language that sells, converts and brings in more clients and cash.
Brand Visibility:  Boost your social media presence to be seen, heard and hired by ideal clients with a restructured message that’s meaningful, magnetic and memorable.
Brand Bankability:  Ignite your ideas and turn them into income producing products and programs that clients want, need and pay for.
Brand Management & Brand Expansion:  Reposition your brand for more affluent clients and secure profitable joint venture partnerships, book projects, invitations to speak, radio show spots and other lucrative opportunities.


Results You Can Expect


Client Satisfaction

""I came to Catrice feeling confused about my business or rather multiple businesses, feeling pulled in several directions, feeling guilty for not giving more attention to where I was thinking I "should" be. First of all Catrice's voice is so soothing and rich, pulled me right into its warm and loving embrace. She was SO generous with her time and attention, and in our session together, light bulbs went off big time. She made me feel that it was okay if not great that my life/business is moving into new directions, transforming, and that I need to take care of ME ultimately. I need to keep moving towards what feels good and not necessarily away from what feels more draining but that I can put in less of my energy and still keep it alive in ways which feel good to me. I came away with a feeling of renewed excitement and passion." -- Thank you so much Catrice. xxoo"

Dominique Christine

"Catrice is truly a supportive team player for her clients as well as potential clients. She is a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and very insightful. Catrice brings creativity, playfulness and strong insights into client success. She focuses right on in to her clients in such a short amount of time and can really see, think and apply “out of the box” results for her clients. She is able to shine a person’s light brighter than North Star. Catrice is an inspirational delight to work with."

Kim Boudreau Smith

"Are you ready to voice your message to the world? Do you need juicy, irresistible, mouthwatering content to attract fans and clients so they feel what you offer is just what they need Now? Catrice M. Jackson will help you give voice to the message in your heart by showcasing your unique signature presence to the world. She works magic with words capturing heart, soul, and market presence."

Suzy Manning, Transitional Coach/Speaker/Radio Show

"Run don't walk straight to Catrice's doorstep. She will help you get to the next level. Yes, she will ask tough questions that will make you squirm, look deep inside yourself, whether you like it or not, and acknowledge your role in whatever is going on in your life/work/business. She is in the business of making sure that you are living your life with intention. She is very good at what she does!"

Della Beaver