Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Fed Up with the
”How to Be a Success “Business To-Do-List?”

Need a time out, want to step away, take a break and
go on a mind-retreat away from business just for a moment?


Marketing, Social Media, Email Lists, Free Calls, Webinars, SEO,
Client Attraction, Branding, Tele-Summits and More — Oh MY!

Are you feeling like enough is enough?

There’s so many “business rules and should do’s” — how can you keep up and create success?

If you are an entrepreneurs who is NOT experiencing the success you’ve dreamed of or are working towards — I’d like to offer you a mind-retreat!

A mind retreat is perfect for you if you are are overwhelmed,
confused and frustrated in your business right now.

Have you been feeling like this?


  • Overwhelmed = too many things to do, what do I do first, how do I get it all done, how do I keep up with all of the demands.
  • Confused = which strategy is the best, what coach should I hire, what should I put on my website, how much should I be marketing.
  • Frustrated = systems not working, templates don’t fit my style, not making enough money, people don’t support me, I feel like quitting.

Are you ready to defy the “TO DO LIST DOGMA?”

DOGMA is essentially, a prescribed list of things you should be or do (rules & expectations) according to an authority figure.

In business… it sounds like this…

Use my templates and you’ll close 100% of your sales calls.

Follow my script and you’ll magnetize like a rock star.

Do these 7 things and you’ll make 6-7 figures.

Follow these steps and get 10,000 more people on your list.

Watch this video and become an overnight success.

If you know it’s time to step away from the dogma of business and
take a time out for you to release, relax, clarify and recharge your soul — let’s talk!

I’m offering intimate, personalized and customized ONE hour
revitalization sessions for ONLY 5 business owners per month.


Schedule your session and take a mind retreat from all the business stress!

Let me help you…

sort through your “dogma list”

determine what works for you

define your true soul vision

create a “do what you love ” plan

return to your work with a clear vision and refreshed perspective

So you can…

experience more focus, joy, aliveness and success as a business owner and do business differently!


—You can keep trying to do it all and doing it their way or you CAN choose to do it your way and do business differently. —

Revitalize your brand and your business Claim Your Session Today!

Take a time out away from business

— You deserve it! —

Your busness success depends on it!

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Revitalize the Soul Brand of You Session $197


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Let’s Defy the Dogma So You Can Do Business Your Way!

You deserve to feel better, more alive and excited about your business!

You CAN create something NEW that WILL work for you.

You CAN choose what you REALLY want and how you want FEEL as a business owner.

Take a time out… you DESERVE it!

Choose to be creative instead of overwhelmed.

Create a business success strategy that feels good to your soul.

Get back to your core values and authenticity.

Revive the pulse of play, passion and purpose in business.

Release what’s not working… empty your cup so you can fill it with what WILL allow you to experience joy, pleasure, satisfaction and financial success in YOUR business.

You + Me = A Therapeutic Mind Retreat to Revitalize the Soul Brand Of You!

dominique“I came to Catrice feeling confused about my business or rather multiple businesses, feeling pulled in several directions, feeling guilty for not giving more attention to where I was thinking I “should” be. First of all Catrice’s voice is so soothing and rich, pulled me right into its warm and loving embrace. She was SO generous with her time and attention, and in our session together, light bulbs went off big time. She made me feel that it was okay if not great that my life/business is moving into new directions, transforming, and that I need to take care of ME ultimately. I need to keep moving towards what feels good and not necessarily away from what feels more draining but that I can put in less of my energy and still keep it alive in ways which feel good to me. I came away with a feeling of renewed excitement and passion.” — Thank you so much Catrice. xxoo” ~Dominique Christine