Launch It, Flaunt It, ProfIT

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners…

  • Are you sitting on a product gold mine and not making money in your business because you are afraid to launch your program or don’t know the steps for a successful launch?
  • Are thoughts of “what if no one signs up, is my program good enough or what if no one buys my product” playing like a broken record in your head?
  • Do you know you have something that will transform and change lives but keep letting fear and procrastination keep you from launching it?
  • I’m ready to help you turn your idea into income and launch a program/product that potential clients want, need and will pay for!
  • If you are ready to launch IT, promote IT and profIT –I’m ready to show you how with a 6-step system to launch and cash in!

In 6 Steps You Will…

STEP ONE: Create a clean canvas to set yourself up for success with 3 proven strategies for eliminating mental clutter, quieting your inner critic and squashing your fears so you can clear your mental path to confidently create what you want to launch.
STEP THREE: Clearly identify why your product/program matters, who it’s for, why they need it, how it will transform lives and how to share and SELL the value and benefits.
STEP FIVE: Create your copy, develop your marketing message and put your promotion plan into place with my favorite 7 magnetic marketing tips. These 7 strategies will help you attract the right clients, speak to their hearts and minds, and get them to say YES to your products, programs and services.
STEP TWO: Learn the 5 things you should stop doing right now that are counter-productive to your launch-marketing success. You’ll be surprised because they are things you think you need to do and you’ll be relieved that you no longer have to.
STEP FOUR: Learn how to package, price, and position your product or program in the global marketplace for brand visibility, ultimate exposure and maximum profit potential.
STEP SIX: Prepare for launch! Learn how to easily put your launch plan into action with my proven product launch strategy. Get my best tips for pre-launch, easy enrollment steps and how to sell the transformational value to potential clients. You’ll also develop a plan to keep your energy high during the launch.

You’ll Also Learn…


  • The 4 money-making questions you must ask and know the answers to before writing any sales copy or marketing messages to speak directly to the heart and mind of your ideal clients.
  • The BEST brand-marketing sales strategies designed to produce client outcomes, real results and generate revenue!
  • What works and what doesn’t and exactly what to focus on to get off the fence and quickly achieve maximum results. No more spinning your wheels about what to do!
  • How to stop winging it by creating a plan that works for you and put it in motion with full confidence.
  • Create the right target market for your product/program and zero in on where they hang out, what they want, need, desire and expect from you and craft your “on brand” marketing message to speak loud and clear to them.

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renee“Catrice M. Jackson is exceptionally superb at what she does. I recently participated in her Launch It Program. I received one-on-one coaching with her, which provided enormous value in guiding me through the steps needed for my first launch. As a new business owner, I was unaware of how to implement a plan to properly launch my service. Catrice held me accountable to meet deadlines and she often knew what I needed even when I was not aware of it. Without her assistance, I would not have been able to pull off a successful launch. Thanks Catrice for your insight and expertise.”


cherriwalston“My experience with the Launch IT program was amazing; I was able to up level my pilot program. I needed a way to increase the value of my program and I was able to do that with Catrice’s “secret sauce” that she used to help me showcase my brand/message. As a result, I was able to launch my signature program that is now making an impact to my business/clients.”