The Catriceology Client Crave Formula Strategy Session

Would you love to get more clients that EXCITE you but struggling to attract them?

If YES? — You haven’t clearly identified your ideal client and target market.

Are you frustrated with the current clients you have because they are draining you, don’t follow through, drag their feet, make excuses or never take action?

If YES? — You haven’t clearly communicated the transformation, value and benefits of working with you.

Are you attracting clients that ask for a discount OR can’t afford your products, programs or services?

If YES? — You are showing up as a discount brand instead of a top-shelf, in demand brand.

If you answered YES to any of the above maybe it’s time you invested the time and energy into identifying and marketing to clients you love, clients who see and respect your value and clients who need what you offer and have the money to pay for it and do!

The Catriceology Client CRAVE Formula¬† will get those results like NO other strategy you’ve used before!


In ONE 90 Minute Client CRAVE Session We Will…

Unleash the ideal client you CRAVE and envision within with crystal clarity.
Identify the core problem(s) ONLY you can solve for your ideal clients.
Determine the best, most effective and lucrative way to share and sell YOUR services and solutions.
Refresh your marketing messages so you can speak clearly and directly to clients who want and need what you have and have the money to pay for it.
Pinpoint exactly what type of clients you REALLY want who will say YES to you.
Briefly review your online brand presence and how you can revitalize it attract the RIGHT clients for you.
Narrow down your unique money-making marketplace niche.
Determine where your ideal clients are and develop a marketing strategy to connect, convert them into paying clients and cash in.

Not sure you need this? — I’m sure you do if…

You’re not attracting any clients.¬†
You frequently hear “I can’t afford it or is your fee negotiable.
You feel like your marketing messages are going into the virtual black hole.
Potential clients want some FREE work before they say YES and pay.
Your current clients don’t listen to you, see you as an expert or question your value.
The clients you are serving drain and frustrate you.
You are attracting clients that don’t have the money to pay you.
The potential clients you do attract don’t know what they want or how you can help them.
You desire to change directions and serve a NEW target market.
Your current clients don’t listen to you, see you as an expert or question your value.
Okay… you get the point! If you are not getting any clients, attracting the wrong clients, feel frustrated by your current clients and or feeling overwhelmed with the thought of “how do I get the right” clients you NEED a new, refreshing strategy to start attracting clients you LOVE and CRAVE!

Work with me so you CAN wake up excited about serving your favorite clients, attract clients who say YES I need you and pay without negotiation and learn how to speak to ideal clients and sell your brilliance.

90 minutes of clarity and direction will save you months of struggle and frustration –Sign up for a Client CRAVE Formula session today and release yourself from the challenges keeping you from serving the people you love and bringing money into your business!

Session Fee $297