The Art of Fear-Free Living


Are you hiding behind masks and want to reveal the real you?

Do you have dreams but are afraid to take steps to make them a reality?

Would you like leave your job and start a career that fulfills you?

Are you afraid to let go of relationships that are toxic but really desire to?

Would you like to be more brave, daring, confident and authentic in life?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions The Art of Fear-Free Living is the perfect book for you.

It’s time to awaken your Genius!

This is your magical courage journey to discover, embrace and release the powerful wisdom of your inner Genie. Sprinkled with life empowerment tips, inspirational quotes and fearless living strategies, you’ll be inspired to summon your inner Genie to courageously grant the desires of your heart.

In The Art of Fear-Free Living, Catrice shares the bitter-sweet stories of eleven courageous, ordinary women who conquered their fears through the power of enlightenment and self-love. These “fearless femmes” chose to stare fear in the face and say bring it on! Their uplifting stories of bravery and faith will inspire you to awaken your Geni(us), break free from the captivity of fear and begin living an authentic, fearlessly delicious life!

Experience these magical moments…

  • Discover how strong, brave and wise you are.
  • Embrace the power of living in love instead of living in fear.
  • Move from paralyzed to passionate, powerful and purposed.
  • Receive the keys of clarity, confidence and courage to unlock your SHero.
  • Diminish the power of fear and eliminate its grip on your life.
  • Awaken the authentic, brilliant woman within and elevate to your highest self.

Forward by Linda Joy Inspirational Publisher, Speaker & Conscious Business Catalyst

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage and confidence in the doing.” —Unknown

lindajoy2As spiritual women living a human existence it’s safe to say we’ve each experienced being pulled in opposite directions by two distinct and powerful forces within. At times these opposing forces can leave us feeling like an observer in our own life as each force struggles to be heard and expressed and the outcome of our lives are directed by which voice we listen to the most.

Catrice and her contributors come together to share one simple, yet powerful universal truth—the inner force (voice) that you choose to focus on has the power to either create or stifle the life of your dreams. Which voice do you feed? Do you choose to honor the inner voice that uplifts, empowers and inspires you to create and live your unique purpose? A loving voice that supports and encourages you to connect with the Divine flow of life. A voice that guides you in bringing forth your unique vibrant essence. A voice that fills you with love, light and possibility. Or do you find yourself choosing the insidious negative voice that fills you with self-doubt, fear, envy, indecision and procrastination thereby holding you back from living your dreams and fulfilling your soul’s purpose? A voice that seems to feed off your most intimate feelings related to your self-worth and deservedness and thrives on keeping you from living our soul’s purpose.

You hold the magic lamp to creating the life and inner tapestry of your dreams—it is the voice of love, the voice of your inner Geni(us) and it’s waiting for you to embrace its truth. Like the inspiring women you will meet throughout the pages of this enlightening book I know only too well the paralyzing grip of fear as it held me captive in its embrace threatening to smother my dreams, my inner calling. In my twenty year transformation from single, welfare mother to the leader in women’s inspirational publishing I know first-hand the power of passion, courage, faith and perseverance in overcoming fearful thinking to achieve your dreams.

My greatest wish for each of you is that you embrace the truth of who you are and the unique gifts you bring to the world and allow your light to shine brightly. May the wisdom, insights and empowerment tools shared in The Art of Fear-Free Living provide you with the inspiration to break free from the captivity of fear and liberate your life and dreams. Live an Inspired Life!

Sandra2“Are you ready to release all the excuses of why you can’t do something and give voice to your authentic self? The Art of Fear-Free Living will inspire you to “Silence Your ShEgo and Give Voice to Your SHero.” Catrice M. Jackson, through compassionate-candor, explains how excuses keep you stuck and allow fear to reign in your life. She guides you towards moving past those excuses to truly moving into self-confidence; thereby truly allowing your authentic voice shine.”



Cherry2“Catrice M. Jackson and the co-authors have created a practical and inspiring book to help you manifest your goals and dreams for every aspect of life… a roadmap to work through obstacles or limiting beliefs that hinder progress.”



“Catrice M. Jackson excels at communicating the steps necessary to foster positive change in our lives. The Art of Fear-Free Living approach addresses many of the blocks that allow fear to silence the voice of our soul. The altered dynamics of personal relationships is one factor that drives us to remain static and hinders the manifestation of our dreams. She clearly defines the process of increasing that circle of trusted friends that we all desire, while also making significant changes in our life path. Catrice addresses the necessity of letting go and the importance of living in the present. Her frank but eloquent prose offers practical contemplation and application. The fearless journey can be navigated and approaches like this are the key to guiding one another to a life of courage.”



Adee2“Catrice M. Jackson does a wonderful job of encouraging her readers to claim their lives and step into their unique Genius. She blends powerful personal stories from her own and others’ experience with specific questions and tools that will help people target the areas they need to address and move them towards a fear-free life. I love that she laid out the issue and then gave constructive ways for people to start to shift their thinking and take responsibility.”



Sherrie2The Art of Fear-Free Living is a beautiful collection of stories by eleven very courageous women. This book gives you an intimate view of each woman’s life and how they found the strength, power and faith to conquer the situations they found themselves in. It is filled with inspiration and practical tips on how to bust through your fears and start living your life on your terms.”



Tamara2“The chapter on prosperity hits to the core of the true definition of the word. Catrice has opened her own wound so that we, the reader, can become the students and learn from her “hard knocks” in life. Once we have gathered all the tools we need from observing and studying her lesson, she closes her wound and by the time we venture through Amethyst’s story of finding her Divine Wealth, this wound has scarred but not left any disfiguring results. It’s just a mark big enough to remind her, and us, that “Your true prosperity lives in your soul.” You are the master of your future and your prosperity.”