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Are you ready to STOP fussing over your brand message and turn that frustration into crystal clear brand marketing fuel to bring in more clients and income into your business?

Best book on branding|Brand Like a BossLady| Catrice M. JacksonTruth is… if you cannot communicate your message the money won’t come in — therefore the money you desire lies in your ability to market your brand message!

— Another TRUTH is “People are loyal to people (brands) not products.” Especially if YOU are the brand and the face of the brand. —

Your brand is your #1 business asset and you MUST spend time strengthening, showcasing and marketing the BRAND OF YOU!


I WANT YOU TO NEVER be confused about branding again…

Every where you go and on every platform you show up on, YOU ARE A BRAND! The people you engage with in person and online are choosing to engage with you, partner with you, work with you and or hire you based on how you SHOW UP in person and in the virtual world as the brand of YOU.

If you are ready to be seen, heard, loved, and hired by potential clients and partners it’s time for YOU to Brand Like A BOSSLady! –It’s time for YOU to turn up the volume on your personal brand and pulsate with more passion, power and presence for more brand profit!

Brand Like A Like a BOSSLady is luscious, lucrative mix of inspiration, candid-truth, humor, creative ideas and innovative-proven brand marketing strategies to help you unleash your irresistible brand and ROCK it all the way to the bank!”

Order your copy of Brand Like A BOSSLady today and say YES to showing UP, shining and doing the damn thing to rock the brand of YOU!

★10 Brand Breakthroughs When You Read This Book★

Kenya Halliburton

Understand branding in a way that’s deliciously digestible and easy to implement.
Create a pulsating brand that’s copycat and competitor proof for more presence and profit.
Uniquely build and cultivate your irresistible client like-know-trust factor.
Uniquely build and cultivate your irresistible client like-know-trust factor.
Learn how to get ideal clients to see you, say yes and hire you!
Vibrantly turn up the volume on your brand visibility with the secret of brand psychology.
Cash in on your soul-cial capital with sizzling, succulent social media presence.
Find your brand’s sweet-spot and create clamoring client CRAVE with IT.
Be seen, heard and hired as the brand of choice in your industry.
Make your mark and magnetically stand out in the marketplace.

“A brilliant gem! Savvy, Sassy Business Juice — Catrice cracks the branding CODE!”

lucinda_headshot“Catrice has done it AGAIN. This book is all-things branding and I love how concise and to the point she frames the must-knows of branding and how to create a business that sustains its credibility + bankability based on your brand-smarts. Sprinkled with sass and BOSSLady know-how, it keeps the pace at a wonderful cadence to mix-up both business savvy with the juicy goodness of a queen talking about the ins and outs of irresistible branding. Thanks for the great read, Catrice!”



“Savvy, Smart, No-Nonsense…”

Productselement80“Catrice is a savvy, smart, no-nonsense business woman who knows what it takes to put a brand in motion, make it relevant and stand the test of time.”



“A Remarkable Read. Fresh, Real and Honest. This book is branding home run!”

erika_whitmore“Catrice, you knocked the ball out of the park with this one! Your words are like a freedom train to “authenticity-ville” and exactly what I needed to read. Each chapter broke down a REAL pain point in the Branding process and gave workable steps to remedy it. I love that you “keep it real and honest”, in fact the way you articulate your method is nothing short of Brilliant! After reading your book “I get it”, finally, and feel fully supported in establishing my true brand, “Me”.”



 “This book is a gem!”

Dortha Hise--Online Business Manager & Virtual Assistant“Catrice, you are brilliant! I enjoyed reading Brand Like a BossLady and all of the tips, ideas and guiding questions are simply beautiful and so powerful! “The exercises you share are so helpful in getting clear. I’m working on defining my brand to align with my personal values – I see the value and importance in getting clear to make my brand more visible. This book is a gem! “You walk, breathe, live and own your brand and are showing others how to do it with grace and ease. Loving it!”



Daring and Delectable — Delicious Juicy Information to Succeed.

Dorothyinez Del Tufo, Minister of BeautyBrand Like a BossLady is for EVERY woman entrepreneur who is ready to stop being in the shadows and put her vision and mission in the limelight. Catrice challenges women to take a stand for who they are and dare to be different. Her tips are practical, no nonsense and transformational. After reading this book I had real life examples of how other successful brands and women built their reputations on being different, having purpose and taking a stand in the marketplace. I learned when we truly show up as who we are and “Do the damn thing!” we attract the clients we crave. This a definite MUST READ! Thank you Catrice for showing up, the world needs you!”



“Finally, the honest, brand truth without all the foo-foo and fluff!”

Kevra Churney“I Wow! LOVE IT! –Catrice knows her stuff. I absolutely love how she simply defines the art of branding your own business (and takes all the foo foo out!) in her new book, Brand Like a BOSSLady! Being a business owner for upwards of seven years now and having shifts in focus in that time, I knew I was missing such a large part of what it meant to truly ‘brand’ my business. What Catrice has shared in this book is that the brand is anything but the cosmetic components of logo, website and business cards, and continually gave tangible steps into claiming back your brand. I can really own being the BOSSLADY of my own brand! Love! Love! Love!”



“I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to really get to the core of their brand…”

Shannon Bush, The Creative Possibility Coach“When my colleague, friend and dynamic branding specialist Catrice Jackson offered me the opportunity to take a sneak peak at her new book, Brand Like A BOSSLady, I jumped at the chance. Why? Because what I have come to learn about Catrice is that when it comes to branding she really does know what she is talking about. What Catrice shares in her book is refreshing and motivating as the delicious words strung together encourage you to dig deep to connect with your brand, shake it up if needs be and step up to share yourself and your soul in an empowering way that makes a big, positive, inspiring impact in the world. As a coach and trainer teaching women in business how to use their natural strengths to make a bigger impact in a succulent and effortless way I highly recommend this book to anyone ready to really get to the core of their brand so they can make it work, once and for all. I know I’m going to be reading Catrice’s words of branding wisdom more than once and I will definitely be referring this book to my clients and colleagues. In Catrice’s own words – this book is simply delicious!” 



“Branding is NOT Boring when you apply Catriceology to it.”

Productselement65“This is a WOW book! I always thought ‘branding’ was boring and something I didn’t need to learn, but I couldn’t discover ‘it’ and now I know that I NEED this book and all it’s ‘delicious’ juicy information to succeed and finally step up and play big. I’ve been playing small for far too long and I believe this book and Catriceology is the answer to me taking that next step into the big leagues. With words like delicious, luscious language, secret sauce and naked truth, Catrice knows how to make branding exciting and fun to learn. You can hear her power and passion come through in her words. You must read this book if you want to get to the next level in your business and no, branding is not boring when you apply Catriceology to it!”



“A comprehensive guide for attracting and keeping a pipeline of ideal clients with magnetic messages and strategies.”

cherri_walston“Catrice has a way of creating excitement about building the brand of YOU! I was engaged, inspired and educated about the ingredients of branding for business success. I learned more importantly the heart of branding ( understanding what the potential client needs and wants). This book is more than fluff and feel good reading, but a comprehensive guide for attracting and keeping a pipeline of your ideal clients with magnetic messages and strategies. I’m ready to show up as the brand of ME.”