ROCK Your Brand Like a Billboard!

Are you ready to eliminate your excuses, leap outside of your comfort zone, stop being the best-kept secret in your industry and become an undeniable and unstoppable business owner?

“If you are NOT ready to stand toe to toe with your fears and tell them to take their best shot you might as well pack up, put the closed sign on the door and shut down your business.” — Catrice M. Jackson

The Billboard Brand

★​– BE Unapologetic — BE Undeniable — BE Bankable — BE Legendary –★
as the Brand of YOU!

Personal branding is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized business strategies in the entrepreneurial industry.
When you make the conscious choice to boldly, unapologetically and consistently show up in the world living and speaking your truth and using your gifts, talents and skills to inspire, empower, lead, add real value to people’s lives and transform the world – that’s REAL personal branding! 
Branding is a verb! In ten take action chapters, you’ll learn how to create, build, leverage and sustain an undeniable, bankable, in-demand Billboard Brand. You’ll be challenged to leap outside your brand-marketing comfort zone, turn up the volume on your brand visibility and activate your STAR POWER to increase the pulse of your profit.
Becoming a Billboard Brand positions you as an expert, helps you attract paying clients you crave, allows you to charge higher fees, eliminates the imposter syndrome, and capitalize on the powerful profitability of exceptional, undeniable, strategic branding.
Brands… we eat them, drink them, wear them, sleep in them, drive them, work for them, promote them, and more. –We are brand consumers! 
It’s time for you to create a brand client’s and customers want to consume over and over again. It’s time for you to become a bold, brilliant, bankable Billboard Brand. 


“This book is a must read for entrepreneurs who desire to dazzle the world with their soul work in an authentic and powerful way.”



“Catrice shows you how to create a Billboard Brand by breaking the rules to establish a rock star brand you can take to the bank.” 

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“You may not think you are living your brand but every word you speak, product you offer, stance you take, social media post you make, along with how you show up and live in every moment is YOU living your brand.” –Catrice M. Jackson


“If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who has a difficult time determining how to communicate your brand authentically and effectively that line alone will save you precious time and energy and ensure you earn more money while you’re at it! The BOSSLady of Branding has done it again! Just when I didn’t think Catrice could drop another morsel of branding goodness after all of the juicy nuggets she divulged in her book, Brand Like a BOSSLady!, she serves up all new, must-read strategies and mindset shifts to up level your personal brand. 

The Billboard Brand is your recipe to creating an unstoppable and unapologetic brand that you can take to the bank!” — Patrice C. Washington, Money Maven, Steve Harvey Morning Show

“If you’re ready to get out of dreaming and into doing, then The Billboard Brand is the blueprint to your success. Catrice Jackson debunks the common myths of branding to help you master your imprint through intention and purpose. As a reader, you’ll get a dose of what it means to increase your “brand power” and lead a well-regarded revenue-generating business. 

Catrice challenges us to conduct business differently – to create mind-blowing experiences – to courageously build brands that are innately who we are and all that we desire to become. This book is for those ready to triumph beyond fear and take extraordinary action. Buckle up for this one! It’s straightforward, no nonsense goodness.” – Karlena Wallace, Founder and CEO, Stiletto Woman 
“Catrice has done it once again with another brilliant branding message for every entrepreneur seeking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. There are so many business owners marketing the traditional way to consumers hoping to attract and influence potential clients. However, Catrice teaches you how to be unapologetically authentic with a bold and sassy message. Catrice serves up her secret sauce of Catriceology with a tasteful and lasting favor with strategies on how to be a Billboard Brand. I feel inspired, empowered and bold enough to be a Billboard Brand with dazzling lights showcasing the Brand of ME!
The Billboard Brand: How to BE An Undeniable, Bankable,IN-Demand, Legendary Brand is a book that every entrepreneur needs as a guide on being a bankable and profit producing business. No matter what industry you’re in, this book will teach you to be top-shelf choice in the eyes of your audience.” –Cherri Walston, The BIG Vision Mentor, Big Vision Biz, LLC
“If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, there’s a very likely chance that you are aware of your brand and

what message you want your brand to convey to the world. If you’re like many entrepreneurs and business owners, you may feel that you don’t have what it takes to create a legendary, long-term big-name brand. That’s where Catrice Jackson’s The Billboard Brand: How to BE An Undeniable, Bankable, IN-Demand, Legendary Brand comes in. Catrice has done the damn thing with this, her 5th, most inspiring book.
Catrice guides you through the process of the necessary components of a legendary brand, how to create it and how to break the rules to create a rock star brand that you can take to the bank. Catrice’s no-nonsense style is such a breath of fresh air to read…I love the examples she provides throughout the book. I also felt challenged while reading the book to really expand the scope of what I feel my brand is, and to really OWN that. If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, be fearless in the marketplace, this book is your resource to do just that.” –Dortha Hise, Chief Overwhelm Eliminator, Pretty Smart VA Services
“In my opinion authenticity and owning your personal truth is the single most important step for creating a brand that thrives. It’s how I built my global brand, so I know it works! In this book Catrice get’s straight to the point and breaks down the courageous process of building an authentic brand from the ground up in an easy to digest and succinct manner.
This book is a must read for women who desire to dazzle the world with their soul work in an authentic and powerful way.” — Lisa Marie Rosati, Intuitive, Magickal Mentor & Creatrix of Goddess Lifestyle Plan
The Billboard Brand by Catrice M. Jackson offers a different take on branding that allows you to

celebrate who you really are. Catrice provides valuable insight on what the real definition of branding is, why you need to step out of your comfort zone and how to show up authentically.
Her advice and strategies are straight forward, to the point and tells you what you need to know in order for you and your brand to shine.” – Rekha Krishnamurthi, Creative Entrepreneur, Creative Business Rules
“Catrice is such an inspiration and an example of what it means to honor your calling and to follow through with it diligently as well as consistently. As an entrepreneur, before I even finished reading the preface I felt empowered about my purpose. I felt inspired to continue to push past any self doubt or confusion about my path before I completed the PREFACE! Let me tell you how the momentum continues page after page after page. The pulse and energy of her words are coupled with concise and USEFUL information on what it means to build a brand in a way that I’ve never come across in any other book before. It’s as if she’s speaking directly to you – like a wise older sister that’s sharing some inside knowledge in a most loving and down to earth kind of way.
In the same breath, Catrice speaks about building your Billboard Brand from the inside first and makes the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone seem like the most magical place to be. AND IT IS! It’s where dreams and ideas manifest on the physical world. We are each born with an assignment and have been created uniquely to add something tremendously good and valuable to the world. Catrice hones in on this while adding valuable and practical action items to own your greatness, power and dreams from a branding point of view.” – Tamala Baldwin, Chief Soul Kisser, Soul Kisses TV
“The book, or really…this soul-seeking guide, really makes a person reflect on their business and brand. Does it

have a soulful meaning and purpose or is the business simply a nice-looking website with an eye-catching logo. Are you willing to explore the soulful existence of your brand? If not, perhaps this isn’t the business for you.
I loved this book because it engages your heart and soul for your company and frankly, without that, your business becomes just a job and not your purpose. Bravo Catrice, and thank you for this much needed approach to branding a business.” — Dawn Pieke, Owner of Motivate & Entertain
“If You Think You Know About Building a Bankable Brand, You Have No Idea Until You Read This Book! –This book is a pulsating, heart pounding and empowering read. I felt like I was in a hardcore branding boot camp and emerged stronger and ready to show the world what I’m made of. Catrice doesn’t just define branding she lifts the veil on all the profitable possibilities in boldly stepping into the brand of you.
She challenges you to dig deep, take risks and courageously stand in the power of who you are. In her true tell it like it T-I-S style, she calls you to stretch and shows you how to raise your platform and stand out in the sea of “same.” — If you are ready to shine bright like a diamond and create a highly visible and profitable brand, then this book will get you ready to build a brilliant brand you can bank on.” –Kenya Halliburton, Online Business Mastery Expert & Sage to the Sheropreneur