Antagonists, Advocates & Allies

Dear White Women…

“Feminism That Fails to Collectively Acknowledge and Aggressively Work to Eliminate Racism is Hypocrisy!”

You can learn a lot by following Shelby’s advice…

“Fellow White Feminist, it’s time for us to take a damn seat and listen.”

– Shelby Knoxx – Feminist Organizer & Revolutionary – 


Antagonists, Advocates and Allies
The WAKE UP Call Guide for  White Women Who Want to Become Allies with Black Women

“Unapologetic – Gut-Wrenching – Refreshing”

In the lives of Black women, women of color, you are an Antagonist, Advocate or Ally. This is your WAKE UP CALL; a dramatically sobering reality check to wake you up from the detrimental denial of your White Privilege. Antagonists, Advocates and Allies delivers uncomfortable truths and painful realities about the conscious and unintentional pain you have inflicted on Black women, women of color and shares how you must use your power to eliminate racism and stop the hypocrisy within the feminine movement.

“Fellow White woman, Listen up! Be quiet. Read this.” – Molly Burke

The “American Feminist” movement is exclusive; it was created by White women, for White women and it caters to White women. Racism and White Privilege, the bedrock of American feminism; must be aggressively broken down and rebuilt with deliberate inclusion and conscious honoring of Black women, women of color.

​“Expect to have moments of resistance and to be awakened into a new reality.” – Louise Edington

Antagonists, Advocates and Allies boldly beckons White women to come from behind their White Picket Fence, enter the classroom of “Living While Black and Brown 101”, take a seat, don’t talk, listen and finally hear what you’ve failed to hear for centuries. The elimination of racism starts and ends with you. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

“Buckle up! Get ready to have your world rocked! Unapologetic, beautiful and incredibly honest.” –Dortha Hise

★What White Women Are Saying About this Book★

Molly_Burke“The issues of racial discord and White Privilege are thorny ones. Catrice M. Jackson is boldly addressing the problem head on, with blunt talk meant to shake White women out of their complacency and into greater awareness of our part in our collective cultural dysfunction. This is a powerful treatise on race and White female power specifically, and thus it is needfully, deliberately provocative. This is good.

Catrice is to be commended for bringing this conversation forward and initiating a tough talk that absolutely needs to be had. Listen up, the disenfranchised are speaking directly and eloquently. And while you, my fellow White women, might find some of what she says confrontational or perhaps too strident for your tastes, bear in mind that it’s your filters that are the challenge, not her words. Be quiet, and listen. Read this.”

Molly Burke, CPCC, MSU, Queen of Confidence and Type B Whisperer, Trainer, Author, Speaker


“Every White Woman Must Read This Book!”

Morgan_FieldAntagonists, Advocates and Allies is EPIC and thought provoking! This book is not only about how to be an Ally to our Black soul sisters, but it goes so much further and deeper beyond that. It’s a message that reminds us to be an Ally to all of our kindred soul sisters; to truly seek to understand someone’s truth, especially when they are not aligned with your own. Because at the depths of that exploration, is where true growth and expansion happens for all parties involved.

Catrice is a woman on a God sent mission, looking for her Allies who’ve come with the same mission, to create a soul tribal council, create conscious shifts, and facilitate growth and breakthroughs beyond anything else we’ve ever experienced before!”

Morgan Field, Epic Sexy YOU, Certified Life Coach, The Ultimate Code Breaker, and Speaker


“Buckle up for one hell of a ride….you will never be the same after reading this!”

Alex_Clarke“The division within feminism is caused by White Women. In particular by our denial of White Privilege, and when we use our White Privilege to take refuge from the fight against racism. Antagonists, Advocates and Allies states the problem (Denial of White Privilege) – and clears the way for White Women to “get off the fence” and “walk their talk”. If we White women can do so, then long-standing relationships, friendships, and warriorships can be forged with Black Women and Women of Color. They are wondering where we are and what’s taking us so long to show up. After reading her book, you will wonder that yourself.

White women have a lot of work to do. And we need to move fast. Catrice’s book will inspire you to consciously quicken your pace. I’m grateful Catrice wrote this book. I only wish she didn’t have to. One thing I know for certain is that once you have read her words, you will be grateful she wrote it too. It’s time that we, as White Women, wake up and do better.”

Alex Clarke, Author and Playwright


 This book is a must read for all White women. Expect to have many moments of resistance and to be awakened.”

Angela_Sulkowski“Every person regardless of race who is committed to making their community a better place needs to read this book. Make no mistake, Catrice Jackson has no interest whatsoever in providing the reader with a flowery, rose colored message. She is committed to shaking the reader out of their complacent existence and into a real and frank conversation about the escalating racial tension in our country and how we can learn from one another, educate ourselves, overcome and improve.

The reading is not comfortable and it may make you wince or disagree, but I will guarantee this–the message is sincere. This book will change everything you know about the phrase ‘what if?’ “Buckle up for one hell of a ride….you will never be the same after reading this!”

Angela Sulkowski, Accountant, Mother, and Fellow Game Changer




Louise_Edington“Before I read Antagonists, Advocates and Allies, I really believed I was an Ally to all Black People. I am passionate about equality and an Internet activist. However, I now know I am an Advocate. I have ignored casually racist comments for the sake of ‘keeping the peace’. I have expected Black people, mainly women, to educate me about systemic racism because ‘I don’t know what it’s like to BE Black’. I have given up the fight at times because I’m fatigued by the arguing and gone back into my privileged White life where I am very comfortable. I have flinched and backed off when an ‘angry Black woman’ has spoken out. I am guilty of saying that I don’t see color and it’s not the truth.

I now know that this is as bad, if not worse, than the worst of racist slurs and comments. Some passages in the book challenged me but I remained open. I now have a deeper understanding of White Privilege. I’m not quite sure what actions I will be taking from now on but I am going to open my eyes and ears MORE to what’s happening in my community, the country and globally. The Community (and State) I live in is not very diverse. But there are many ways I can step up to be an Ally. — This book is a must read for all White women. Expect to have many moments of resistance and to be awakened. I now know better, so I’ll do better. I hope you will take the time to read and educate yourself too.” 

Louise Edington, Your Cosmic Blueprint


“A new, authentic dialogue is necessary to initiate change and White women need to find their place, know whether they are actors of change or contributors to the ill of our society.”

Sabrina_Mizerek“The collective consciousness has changed and the Divine feminine is making its way into the deepest core of our lives, differently than it ever has. Things are changing but love and heart-centered authenticity are struggling to replace our old ways. What comes now to the surface in forceful ways, are the deep wounds still remaining to heal, in particular racial injustice whether overt or silent. –Despicable, unbearable acts are increasing and becoming more and more visible and can no longer be ignored. A new, authentic dialogue is necessary to initiate change and White women need to find their place, know whether they are actors of change or contributors to the ill of our society.

In Antagonists, Advocates and Allies by Catrice M. Jackson, she unapologetically sheds light on the dark spots of our privileges of being white in America today and helps us really look at where we are and decide for ourselves whether we are truly authentic when we speak about all women in America, whether we are feminist or not and hopefully make a change to really become Allies. When we really feel and hear the pain that another human being shares without defending ourselves behind excuses, then maybe we will know true compassion and become closer to the Divine Feminine change we are meant to bring.” — Sabrina Mizerek, Owner of Mindful Home and Body, LLC

Sabrina Mizerek, Owner of Mindful Home & Body, LLC


★What Black Women Are Saying About this Book★


Kenya_HalliburtonForget the glass ceiling, there is a glass wall between White women and women of color, and Catrice has shattered it with this book. The glass ceiling and other overtly oppressive injustices promoted in social media today has allowed a more covert and sinister injustice to go un-noticed and unaddressed — until now. I’ve often felt this invisible barrier between myself and my White women friends, that until now, I could not put my finger on. This is a painful yet cathartic read.

In Antagonists, Advocates and Allies, Catrice is both loving and firm as she calls White women to drop the pretenses and lays out a blueprint for how ALL women can honor each other with compassion and truly join together to change the world. White women should read this book if they want to foster real meaningful relationships with women of color and to truly be effective in the fight for women’s rights and racial equality. And, because willful or unintentional ignorance on this issue, fans the flames of racial and gender bias that breeds the very violence and hate many profess to fight. True collaboration and women’s empowerment can only happen when it is inclusive of women of all colors and experiences.”

Kenya Halliburton, Online Business Mastery Expert

“It is tough love for White women, an urgent call to recognize that any women’s movement that ignores, sidelines, and denies the experiences of Black women is no movement at all.”

Carmin_Wharton“Catrice Jackson’s thorough analysis of the precarious relationship between Black and White women is breathtaking and refreshing! The main reason I felt the need to create a business networking organization for Black women, is because when I would stumble upon an organization for female entrepreneurs on the Internet, I continuously encountered female entrepreneurial organizations which appeared to have been created for ALL women, however, I was hard-pressed to locate women on these organization’s websites who were women of color. In Antagonists, Advocates and Allies, Catrice has managed to thrust into the spotlight and on to the stage, the feelings Black women have held for years, but dared not speak! Bravo, bravo, bravo!”

Carmin Wharton, e-BlackWomen Network



“Class is definitely in session. Get ready to experience a thought provoking read that will cause you to look inward and examine your heart. We have the power to change the world. Will you use your power to bring discord or unity? Catrice challenges us women to engage in a truthful conversation that will shift the world and bring change. All women need to read this book because it brings awareness to the division among us, and deals with uncovering the hard truths, no one wants to speak about. Healing starts with truthful conversations, then the shift happens.”


Jasma Starks, Life Coach and Author

 This book is a must read for all White women. Expect to have many moments of resistance and to be awakened.”

Lawanda_Brown“In 1963 Betty Friedan wrote the book, ‘The Feminist Mystique.’ In this book, she discussed ‘a problem with no name,’ experienced by middle-class suburban White women. The problem with no name was grounded in the White woman’s role as defined by her White male counterpart; the idea that they should be happy living in their feminine roles of wives, mothers, and homemaker, etc. Well, in 2015, the Post-World War II, the White middle-class female ‘problem with no name’ survived and transformed into a name – ‘Privilege.’ In Antagonists, Advocates and Allies, Catrice M. Jackson uses an in-your-face approach to unearth the cognitive dissonance of White women in their relationship or lack thereof with women of color, in particular Black women in the Women’s Empowerment arena. If women dare to read this book, they will experience a catharsis! It’s witty, informative and refreshing.”

Lawanda Brown, Academic Advisor & Sociology Adjunct


Andi_Zeisler“If you have spent any time on social media in the last several years, you may be aware of words and phrases like “White Privilege,” “Microaggressions,” and “Intersectionality.” Even if you know what they mean—but especially if you don’t—this book offers a crucial, direct breakdown of why it is increasingly important that White women understand how they impact Black women, and why we should care.

There’s no mincing of words here: It is tough love for White women, an urgent call to recognize that any women’s movement that ignores, sidelines, and denies the experiences of Black women is no movement at all. — White women should read this book because it is a straightforward assessment of the way we too often minimize, erase, ignore, or willfully deny the experiences of Black women. This book anticipates our excuses and rationalizations and firmly rejects them. Catrice provides tools for White women to understand why women’s movements must be intersectional if we are going to affect change in an unequal world.”

Andi Zeisler, Editorial/Creative Director, Bitch Media