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Brand Profitability Starts From Within…

To see external perks you gotta do internal work!

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QUICK STORY:  — This past weekend, I had the privilege to share space with 300 fired up and dynamic women as a featured speaker, at the Women in Travel Summit in Boston. WE had a spectacular time for sure. I spoke on Cashing In On You: How to Turn Individuality Into Profitability. I took my place up front and waited to be introduced and while waiting I connected with and made eye contact with as many women in the room as possible. Morgan (the woman in the brown jacket) walked past me and said “I love your top, you’re going to rock it, I just know it” and she hi-fived me. Little did she know, her hi-five put the cherry on top and inspired me more – to do just that – “rock it!”


— Within the first 5 minutes the energy in the room lit up and ignited every powerful woman in the room! —

WHY did this happen?

1. I know my WHY: — Why I MUST do what I do and why I MUST share my gift of voice with others.

2. I know my WHO: — Who I am meant to, called to and desire to serve clearly without a doubt.

3. I know my WHAT: — What my divine, spiritual gifts are that cannot be duplicated.

4. I know my HOW: — How I am unique, different and the experience only I can create.

5. I chose to SHOW UP: — Real, Relatable and yes… Rebellious.

6. I chose (and choose) to BE UNAPOLOGETIC: about who I am, what I believe, and what I stand for.

7. I CONFIDENTLY EMBODIED MY BRAND PLATFORM: Authenticity, Truth, Freedom, Peace and Inspiration.

7 Proven Strategies for More Brand Profitability

You want them? — I just shared them with you!

I hear so many business owners talking about “creating a brand” or “re-branding” but rarely do I hear them talk about “unleashing their true self” or “embodying and living” their brand.

TRUTH: If you are working on graphics, new web design, creating copy or marketing materials you are working on your EXTERNAL brand and visual identity.

TRUTH: If you are taking off the masks, dumping the junk, getting clarity in your soul, finding and unleashing your voice, shedding the lies that dim your light, bucking the societal rules, creating your own rules and being true to yourself you are working on your INTERNAL brand and brand power.

UNTRUTH: If you “build it they will come”
TRUTH: If you ” BE IT” they will come, pay, refer and come back again.

Unleashing, clarifying, embodying and living your brand is the most powerful, liberating and profitable action you can take as a business owner right now. 

So… how did I profit from my Boston experience?
1. I made lots of new friends, got new contacts and expanded my brand strength.
2. Many of the participants subscribed to this newsletter.
3. My talk was very well received and participants blew up Twitter with Catriceology Quotes thus attracting new followers.
4. I sold all the books I brought with me in a matter of 5 minutes.
5. I booked two new 30 Day Brand clients who were event participants.

… and that’s just a few of the ways BEING me allowed me to profit! 


Here’s a few questions to answer as you do your internal work.
1. Who am I and what am I HERE to do?
2. What is special and unique about me?
3. Who am I meant to AND desire to serve?
4. How is what I do different and how do I do it differently?
5. How can I be more real, relatable and rebellious?
6. What do I believe in, value and stand for?
7. How can I BE unapologetically me? 

Getting clarity on the answers and courageously being/doing the answers will automatically make you shine brighter, pulsate stronger and profit abundantly. So stop with the re-branding and creating a brand talk and walk the walk of BEING your brand 24/7. 


You see no matter what you do or how you show up…someone is not going to like it. But I’m here to tell you that if you SHOW UP 100% authentic and real… there will be tons of people who love it! Those are your ideal clients. Those are the people you should focus on on. Those are the people who will instantly see your value, love your brand, trust what you offer, sign up and pay you!

— Branding is a verb! Ya heard?

— Now get out there and BE your brand unapologetically! —

I’d love to help you unleash YOU! — Contact Me!

Need help unleashing, clarifying, embodying, and communicating the BRAND OF YOU? I can help you with your brand evolution and your money-making marketing message. –If you need help and are ready to BE VISIBLE, CREDIBLE AND PROFITABLE schedule a brand-breakthrough session with me today.” 


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AUTHOR - Catrice Jackson

Catrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing!

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