“When people can’t handle your light, it’s because they haven’t yet discovered their own, and you are a reminder of that. Don’t take it personal and don’t shrink or hide. Either they will choose to SHINE or grab a pair of shades.” ~ Catrice M. Jackson


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Who Am I…

I AM a small town woman who always had a big city dream to do something that would make a difference in the world. I didn’t know exactly what that was but one thing I knew for sure was that I had to do IT my way. I’ve always been a rebel at heart, a pioneer, a voice for the voiceless and a soul that refused to BE like anyone else. The one thing I did not have trouble with was speaking up for myself, saying what was on my mind and telling like it is (as my grandmother would say). — I’m still a master at that!

I was raised by strong, sassy, creative, relentless “get it done” women who taught me that if you want something go get it and don’t let nothing get in your way, not even myself. Growing up, I was blessed to be able to just be ME and so I did just that. Sure I had moments when I doubted my ability and strength {I still do} but I always found a way to push through it and arrive at my desired destination.

I crave the truth and live mine unapologetically. I MUST be free and I refuse to give up my authenticity. I need peace in my life and within my spirit because it allows me to be and do whatever I set my mind to. I thrive off of inspiration and am easily inspired to create the visions that my souls speaks to me. I AM a FREE spirit!

I AM a woman with a clear vision and mission to empower others to set their souls free, to release their authentic brand voice and stand on every platform and speak it with purpose, power, presence and pizzazz! –You can call me the P-Spot Passionista!

CatricePic2aWhy I Do What I Do… and love it! ​ ​

I never knew who my father was and still don’t. For many years I didn’t think I mattered to him but over the years I learned to believe in my significance. Today I can confidently say I MATTER… and I’M NOT GOING SHINE!

Everyone matters. YOU have value, you are worthy and the message in your soul MUST be released and confidently spoken into the world. I’m here to activate the powerful voice with you. If you have abandoned your significance, your purpose, your authenticity, your message, your soul calling or hiding the real, authentic, uncensored, naked you… YOU are the reason I do what I do…

  • I AM here to liberate your soul’s message…
  • I AM here to unchain your courage to shine in the world…
  • I AM here to unlock the vision of your voice and give your words wings…
  • I AM here to extract the brand of you so you can show up and rock it like only you can do.

I’ve answered my calling and said YES to one clear mission… to help you release the message etched in the unique DNA of your soul, articulate it in a way that’s deliciously digestible and communicate it with irresistible confidence on every platform you share it. –Yeah…that’s my BIG WHY and what I AM here to do! I’m here to help you release and embody the brand of you!


What Do I Do…My Sweet Spot! ​

I’m a brand message mentor for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who have an important message or product to share and need help articulating it in a way that is clear, concise, captivating and creates a compelling call to action for their ideal potential clients. I have one intention for my work… to help you Be Unapologetic! Be Undeniable! and Be Unstoppable as the Brand of YOU!

Beyond the titles I AM…

A lover of people and God.
A mother, wife and grandmother.
A creative visionary and linguistic artist.
A lover of global cuisine and foodie.
A travel junkie and
A loyal friend and compassionate humanist.